Anne M. Fischer

Wearable Fiber Art

Washing instructions for felted garments:

Hand wash using room temperature water and a small amount of mild soap such as Eucalan or Ivory liquid. Fill a sink with 1-2 gallons of water. Use a scant teaspoon of soap. The water does not need to be sudsy. Put the garment in the water and press to fully wet. Do not scrub, wring or otherwise agitate excessively. Let the garment sit in the water for about 15 minutes. Let the water drain out and refill the basin with clean room temperature water. If you are using Eucalan, no rinsing is required.  Drain the water out and gently squeeze and press the garment to get excess water out. Get a large thick towel and lay the garment flat on it. Roll the whole thing up and then gently walk on the towel to squeeze out most of the water. Lay flat and block to dry. A fan helps it to dry faster.

If you need to press your felted garment, use a steam iron on the wool setting. Press on the wool side of the garment.

You can also use Eucalan soap for woolens.

Never use the wool wash seting on your washing machine to wash your felted garment, as the action of the washer is very likely to result in further felting!

Should you have any pilling of the wool , you can "groom" the garment to remove the pills with a sweater grooming tool. I particularly like the gleener (